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Hearing Loss: The Invisible Disability - Is your facility ADA Compliant? 
Almost anyone can easily explain the purpose of a wheelchair ramp, wheelchair signage on doors, or signs translated into Braille. Less known are the effects of the "invisible disabilty", also known as hearing loss. In 2012, legislation went into effect that requires all new construction and renovations to meet enhanced ADA standards for assistive listening sytems. Listen Technologies has published a white paper outlining these new requirements that you can DOWNLOAD NOW. 

Thinking Outside the Box with ListenIR - SIMPLY BRILLIANT

ListenIR systems use infrared light to transmit audio, much like a television remote control. An IR system is made up of a radiator, transmitter, and receiver. Unlike RF systems, an IR system incorporates line-of-sight technology, and is therefore very secure for confidential transmission fo the audio signal within a room. Listen LT-84-01The ListenIR system is great for classrooms, corporate boardrooms, courtrooms and wherever a private audio signal is needed. Because of its versatility, ListenIR can be used for a wide range of unique applications. Listen Technologies has detailed many of these ideas in this blog that you can read here... Thinking Outside the Box with Digital Infrared.

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Projector Mounts and Cages

Projector Mounts are available in a wide variety of configurations. Our selection has been developed to help you find the perfect match for your application. Choose from wall mount or ceiling mount styles for various projector sizes. Included in this category are Projector Cages.

Projector cages are designed to protect from theft, vandalism, and damage. Made of heavy guage steel, these locking cages completely surround the projector to prevent unauthorized tampering. They are an ideal choice for use in gymnasiums, classrooms and multi-purpose auditoriums.
Projector Ceiling Mounts come in a wide range of styles and are adjustable to fit an assortment of projectors. Mounts are available to accomodate vaulted or flat ceilings. Choose individual parts or convenient kits that include all necessary hardware.
Motorized Projector Mounts offer the ultimate in convenience and esthetics. With the simple push of a button, the projector automatically lowers into position. When finished with your presentation, another touch of the control raises the projector into the ceiling and out of sight.
Projector Wall Mounts are designed for mounting short throw projectors in small rooms such as conference rooms or classrooms where space is at a premium. Wall mounts consist of a wall mounted bracket with an adjustable arm that extends outward from the wall.

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